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Planetary Systems (7.5 hp)


This Master's level course covers the three major topics

  1. Solar system
  2. Planet formation
  3. Exoplanets
Teaching consists of nine two-hour lectures and three exercise classes.

The exam consists of three parts: a) question sheets for each lecture (1/4 contribution to course mark), b) take-home problem sets after topics 1 and 2 (1/4 contribution to course mark), c) a written report handed in at the end of the course on a chosen subject and a presentation to the other students (1/2 contribution to course mark).

Introduction meeting:

The introduction meeting will be held on Tuesday 30 August 2016 at 09:15 in Cassiopeia. Please inform Anders Johansen if you are unable to attend the meeting.

Lecture schedule:

Download the full schedule for lectures and hand ins here.

Slides from the lectures are handed out at the beginning of the lectures and can also be requested by writing an e-mail to Anders Johansen.


Lectures are based on the second edition of "Planetary Sciences - Updated Second Edition" by de Pater and Lissauer.

  • Imke de Pater and Jack Lissauer: "Planetary Sciences Updated Second Edition", Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2015, ISBN 978-1107091610
Be careful not to buy the first edition by mistake.

Course period: First half of autumn term 2016

Course responsible: Anders Johansen

Teachers: Anders Johansen and Chao-Chin Yang

Course evaluation:

Evaluation results for 2014 course
Evaluation results for 2013 course
Evaluation results for 2012 course
Evaluation results for 2011 course
Evaluation results for 2010 course

Questions: Please contact Anders Johansen

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