Lund Observatory

department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Observational techniques and Instrumentation (ASTM18)

Period Fall 1 Fall 2 Spring 1 Spring 2

Course description

The course contains: Electromagnetic radiation and non-photonic astronomy. The influence of the atmosphere on observations. Detectors for optical and infrared radiation. Detectors for radio waves. Noise characteristics of detectors. Signal-to-noise ratio, quantum efficiency, and detectable quantum efficiency. Light collecting and imaging instruments. adaptive optics and extremely large telescopes. Space observatories. Spatial resolution and MTF. interferometry, visibility, UV-plane and interferometric imaging. Photometry, photometric systems and photometric reduction methods. Spectroscopy, grating, echelle and fourier transform spectrometers. Astrometry from earth and from space. Polarimetry and determination of Stokes vector.


Nils Ryde :

Dainis Dravins :

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