Lund Observatory

department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Galaxies and Cosmology (ASTA33)

Period Fall 1 Fall 2 Spring 1 Spring 2

The course is given the second half of the terms Astronomihuset, Sölvegatan 27, Lund  (map to get here)

Course literature: 

Peter Schneider, Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, 2nd edition 2015, Springer
Freely available for LU students at:

Course responsible: 
Thomas Bensby (

Course plan
: ASTA33.pdf

Laboratory excercises

a. Analysis of a cluster of galaxies (individual time, computer based, full written report). Here is a link to the lab, it contains all instructions.

b. Radio telescope lab, lab manual.

Schedule and other information is given at the course web page on Live@Lund

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