ELSA School on the Science of Gaia

This workshop was held 19-28 November 2007 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden with a total of over 50 participants, including nearly all the ELSA fellows, several external students, a number of invited lecturers (see below), as well as the scientists in charge and other members of the network. A report on the workshop was published in the ESO Messenger (No. 131, p. 50).

The following is a chronological list of the lectures, with links to PDF versions of most of the presentations.

Note: Some of the files are up to 10 MByte. They have been created in a form suitable for printing on paper - two slides per A4 page.

Yveline Lebreton (Observatoire de Paris): Stars: internal structure and evolution

Andreas Korn (Institute for Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala): Stellar atmospheres

Annie Robin (Institut UTINAM, Besançon): Galactic structure and evolution

Mark Wilkinson (University of Leicester): Structure and dynamics of the Local Group

Amina Helmi (Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen): Formation and evolution of the Galaxy in a cosmological context

Sofia Feltzing (Lund Observatory): Chemical enrichment history of the Galaxy as encoded in its stars

Jean-Louis Halbwachs (Strasbourg Observatory): Binary stars

Alessandro Sozzetti (Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino): Exoplanets

Sergei Klioner (Lohrmann-Observatorium, Dresden): Fundamental physics with Gaia

Paolo Tanga (Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Nice): Gaia: an unprecedented observatory for Solar System objects

Camiel Plevier (Dutch Space, Leiden): Grid computing

Lennart Lindegren (Lund Observatory): Parallelization in the Astrometric Global Iterative Solution (AGIS)

Johan de Vries (Ducth Space, Leiden): Tropomi Integrated Development Environment

Catherine Turon (Observatoire de Paris): The building of ESA's science programme

Guiseppe Sarri (ESA, ESTEC, Noordwijk): Gaia as Science Mission case

Xavier Moisson (EADS Astrium, Toulouse): Spacecraft development

Alex Short (ESA, ESTEC, Noordwijk): Radiation Damage & Gaia CCDs

Anthony Brown (Sterrewacht Leiden): Interpretation of astrometric survey data

James Binney (Oxford University): Gaia in context

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