Agreement (MS Word) between the appointed researcher (ESR or ER) and the host institute where he/she is employed. This template is based on a general template used for RTN fellows hosted by Lund University, but modified as appropriate for ELSA. It may be used by all parties of the consortium (with appropriate modifications of course) if they do not have their own template. The parts that must be modified are marked in red. (The original Lund University template, not specifically for ELSA, can be found here.)

Career Development Plan (MS Word), to be established by the researcher together with the scientist in charge, at the beginning of the appointment and subsequently updated.

Declaration of Conformity (PDF), to be transmitted to the European Commission (via the ELSA coordinator) within 20 days of the appointment of an ESR or ER. New version (as of 20 Aug 2007). Example of filled-in form (Lund/Holl)

Travel Request (MS Word), for requesting prior approval of the Commission for travel to/from a third country (see Article III.8.1d and III.8.2a)

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