The ELSA Contract and Consortium Agreement

The ELSA Contract consists of the core contract and several annexes. The contract was concluded between representatives of the European Community and the Coordinator (Lund University). Other partners have acceded to the contract by means of the Accession to the Contract form. The Contract Preparation Form contains legal details about the partners and the budget agreed during the contract negotiation phase. The Consortium Agreement regulates the internal working of the network. For reference, links to the proposals are also given.

ELSA Core Contract
Annex I (Description of Work), current version - amended March 2008
(Original version)
Annex II (Multicontractor General Conditions)
Annex III (Specific Provisions for RTN)

Accession to the Contract

Contract Preparation Form (CPF)

Consortium Agreement (CA), issue 1 (Jan 2008)

ELSA Proposal, Stage 1 (16 Sep 2005)
ELSA Proposal, Stage 2 (14 Feb 2006)

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