Periodic Reports for the third reporting period (P3)

P3 covers the third year of the ELSA contract, i.e. from 1 October 2008 - 30 September 2009. The following is a complete list of all documents submitted to the Commission on the 29 December 2009.

Cover letter

Periodic Activity Report - Attachments:

Periodic Management Report

Funding Distribution Report

Summary Financial Report

Financial statement by each contractor:

  1. Lund: Form C
  2. Athens: Form C
  3. Barcelona: Form C
  4. Brussels: Form C
  5. Cambridge: Form C
  6. Dutch Space: Form C
  7. Geneva: Form C
  8. Heidelberg: Form C
  9. Helsinki: Form C
  10. INAF: Form C
  11. Leiden: Form C
  12. Ljubljana: Form C New Audit Certificate for P1+P2
  13. Nice: Form C
  14. Paris: Form C

Updated Project Outline (copied from Cordis project page)

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