Periodic Reports for the first reporting period (P1)

P1 covers the first year of the ELSA contract, i.e. from 1 October 2006 - 30 September 2007. The following is a complete list of all documents submitted to the Commission on the 3 December 2007.

Periodic Activity Report - Note: the automatic calculation of person-months in this form is wrong in several places. The numbers were manually corrected on the paper version sent to the Commission. Attachments:

Periodic Management Report

Funding Distribution Report

Summary Financial Report

Financial statement by each contractor:

  1. Lund
  2. Athens
  3. Barcelona
  4. Brussels
  5. Cambridge
  6. Dutch Space
  7. Geneva
  8. Heidelberg
  9. Helsinki
  10. INAF
  11. Leiden
  12. Ljubljana
  13. Nice
  14. Paris

Updated Project Outline (copied from Cordis project page)

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